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GENERAL CONDITIONS (GTC) of the website &


We would like to provide the following information in accordance to the Teleservices Data Protection Act, Federal Data Protection Act and any other data protection rules:  The processed and transmitted data generated through the activation by PayPal will be used only for the activation of the document (Learn to love-letter) and to create the invoice unless we received your permission to use the data otherwise.
We are entitled to collect, process, store and use, to the extent necessary to allow the utilization of our service, the personal data connected with using our service. Consequently, if for example the order has been a document to download, the data entered for the purpose of activating and invoicing are collected, stored and processed.
We are not obliged to delete the data to the soonest possible date, ie immediately at the end of the current use of the data but we are entitled to store the data.
The collected data will not be passed on to other agencies for advertising purposes or market research.
We use cookies to handle the activation of the documents quickly and safely. Without setting cookies secure handling of our service can not be guaranteed for technical reasons. Of course coocies are deleted after a few days, when the website is not visited any more!

Keeping your activated document

Activated documents can alternatively be downloaded up to 48 hours after activation directly from our website. In addition you will receive an e-mail with a download link. Using this link you are entiteled to download the document over a period of 10 days a maximum of 3 times including download attempts.

The return of a downloaded document is not possible.

Please note that it is not allowed to circulate the downloaded document!


If the activation does not work caused by incidents,  server failures, bugs or other reasons, we are liable to the maximum of the required amount for activating a specific document, given the timely transfer is prooven. For secondary damage connected directly or indirectly to the activation process, we are in no case liable.