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Relationship counselling / Marriage counselling

Couples decide to come to counseling, if the relationship is threatening to break up and they themselves can find no way out. They come with the hope that there is a way to be happy with each again or at least to part in friendship.
If a couple decides to go the way of advice, the output is initially uncertain.
In order to obtain certainty as to whether they can stay together or not, couples must walk the path of learning.- their objective being to resolve their open and hidden conflicts. Firstly, they discover what they should have clarified in advance, i.e. early in their relationship, in order to be able to decide whether or not they really match. Secondly, they become familiar with the rules of love that would have helped them avoid the many injuries they have now accumulated in their relationship. Couples who make this journey may notice, that it is sometimes easy and sometimes difficult, because the couple are on their way to learn a lot about themselves and others and also about what relationship and partnership basically means. Thus, both partners will be able to change accordingly. Some insights on this path of change are initially painful, others mediate the spontaneous feeling of suddenly having wings. In any case, you will experience "growing pains," because any change, even if you yourself strive for it, engenders fear: After all, you are in the process of leaving the beaten track and entering new territory. Which however, in turn ultimately means that needless division and its serious consequences can be prevented.
Change goes through different phases, both ups and - temporarily - downs. Experience has shown that it is crucial to face the low points together, rather than give up before reaching the goal.
It is like deciding to climb a high mountain. It is important that a couple have firmly agreed to go the whole way, even if it sometimes proves to be difficult and uncomfortable.
This agreement is made in the counseling of couples during the first session. Similarly, the target is set - i.e. the goal or change that is to be achieved - with the ascent of the mountain.
Here is a selection of possible objectives:

  • We can address points of conflict in a relaxed manner.
  • We can talk about our partnership relaxed.
  • During an argument, we can discover what each of us considers important, or even what the dispute is actually about.
  • We have learned to express our wishes to each other.
  • We have developed the ability to handle disputes peasefully.


Organisation of relationship counseling

Usually the meetings are organized as follows:
Sessions last two hours (120 minutes).
Rhythm of meetings every two to three weeks.
Cost per hour € 95.00 inc. VAT.

Because other projects I'm aktual not available.

The corollary of relationship counseling or our success statistics:
75% of the couples with whom we have worked so far have achieved their goal and are clearly happier with their current partners.
25% of couples drop out of counseling. Of which have
         15 % have separated and are suffering the consequences,
         10 % have stayed together.