DVNLP Kongress Hamburg,


15:30 – 17:00

Liebe praktisch umsetzen - die 14 Grundformen der Liebe:

Relationships do not fail because of a lack of love -
rather because of a lack of knowledge.
If we knew better we would do better.

Does that sound too simple?
Yes and no. I am convinced that the "scientific" approach to the question of relationships cannot provide all the answers. Were that not the case, the shelves full of "How to…" literature in the bookshops would already have improved relationships so noticeably and permanently that they would have written themselves out of a market. As we all know, that is not the case. Transferring knowledge together with genuine reflection as to what this knowledge has to do with my relationship and me is the first and decisive step in a new relationship quality. We believe that a lot of people lack familiarity with the basic rules, which govern happy relationships. That is the bit where knowledge is transferred. Furthermore, we believe that the next step comprises tapping into the implications that this knowledge has for our personal development. By linking a relationship-rule to our fundamental experiences, we initiate a process, which will lead to “aha” moments of insight. This is the mechanism of an evolving consciousness that simply enables us to “do better.”

We all desire joy, especially in our relationship. But how can we achieve it? If we look at our friends and families we can't help but being shocked at the number of separations. What's more, many of the couples who do stay together would not claim to be happy - despite the fact that we all seek happiness.

The question is, how many of us have ever had the opportunity to consciously prepare ourselves for a relationship or marriage. Society provides us with no single institution which retains responsibility to do so and unfortunately, role models are seldom if ever suitable.

I am offering three different paths that will lead you to the specific knowledge that will help you love more happily.

You will find a comparison of these 3 forms of knowledge transfer below:

You can work through the tutorials (Learn to Love Letters) and acquire this knowledge at your own pace, alone or with your partner. This knowledge coupled with my suggestions how it can be applied will allow you to change the quality of your relationship and make it more secure, more relaxed and happier.

Are you still living or are you already loving?

Some of us just get through the day and are not aware that the quality of our relationships has to be nurtured and cultivated. We neither feel particularly happy nor especially unhappy. We might find ourselves saying to ourselves that perhaps life is just a series of compromises and that the notions we used to have of happiness in relationships was just immature romantic illusion.
Happily, we are continuing to learn that this is absolutely not the case. The key is to love consciously. We will provide the knowledge. We are convinced that it will set a process in motion that will lead to a completely new quality in your relationship.      

Knowledge supports love

Despite how fundamental different and unique every human being is - there are certain basic conditions for man to develop happily and healthily. Equally, there are basic rules we have to follow if our relationship is to develop to its full potential. With this knowledge we will attend to our own needs and thus make sure that we ourselves are not wounded. This is how we protect our love.

The bright side of power.

If knowledge is power, then in the form that the person who has earned an awareness of the effective forces of successful partnerships, is not helplessly facing, fear, strife, oppression or abuse. Instead, he becomes the designer of a  loving relationship based on equality with the ability to illuminate and clarify dark points in the relationship.
This is about brightening, clarifying, equal love, in contrast to anxiety, conflict, oppression or abuse of power.

Configuring love.

As we open up to our creative power, we will gain knowledge of how love can be lived happily. This will benefit our relationship, our marriage and our families. How much closeness and distance do I hope for? What does my partner desire? What's good for us, what is not so good? How do we best deal with the sometimes contradictory needs in our families? How we resolve our conflicts, so there is no winners or losers?

Driving license or diploma - for a marriage.

The knowledge about marriage and relationships provided here facilitates the acquisition of knowledge in private study. In turn, this will allow you to earn a marriage diploma in the blink of an eye. This knowledge will secure a stable relationship that will serve as the quiet pole that is indefensible for the founding of a family. The children will profit, because they will grow in an atmosphere that is free of bickering and hurt. They will experience happiness in their original family and this will help them to spread it in their future relationships.