DVNLP Kongress Hamburg,


15:30 – 17:00

Liebe praktisch umsetzen - die 14 Grundformen der Liebe:

Comparing the 3 forms of knowledge transfer:

    Possible disadvantages
  • Goes directly to the current
    conflicts and needs of the
    specific couple.
  • Can reveal underlying or
    unconscious barriers and
    dissolve them.
  • Offers space for each topic, every feeling and every desire that needs to be discussed
  • Costs
    (150,00 € for 60 minutes)
  • The time commitment (2 hours per meeting) plus driving time.
  • Based on our experience the duration varies from a few sessions to several months.
  • The low flexibility of appontment times.
 Talks /
  • Costs are manageable.
  • We provide comprehensive insight into a segment of the relevant relationship knowledge.
  • Something new can be tried without obligations.
  • Attention is drawn to important topics.
  • The knowledge is transferred in a more general way, protecting the personal issues of the participants.
  • The choice of themes and conflicts is ours.
  • The invitation is limited in time and place.
  • The participants do not remain anonymous.
  • Anonymous.
  • Low cost.
  • Themes and conflicts can be specifically selected for processing.
  • Learn at own pace.
  • In own four walls.
  • With or without a partner.
  • No direct contact is available (Contact is only possible via email or guestbook).