DVNLP Kongress Hamburg,


15:30 – 17:00

Liebe praktisch umsetzen - die 14 Grundformen der Liebe:

For whom do we hold the tutorials particularly suitable?

for adolescents and young adults

... who want to prepare themselves consciously for a relationship and are looking for information about what makes relationships succeed. The starting point is the recognition that not everything that they have seen with their own parents, can be correct for them.

for couples

... who recognize that the way their relationship is going takes them to their limits again and again  
... who want to know how problems can be solved, in such a way that the solving brings more closeness, understanding and trust
... who want to know how they can talk to each other openly and appreciatively and who want to make a self-determined and systematic journey of personal development.

for separated or divorced couples

... who have a failed relationship behind them and want to know why exactly how they went wrong.   
... who want to know what they could have done differently either alone or with their partner that would not have jeopardized their relationship.
... who, knowing this, know how to protect against a new relationship being poisoned by the re-staging of old conflicts. 

for midlife couples

... who have already had a long life together and have accepted that things could have gone better. Frequently, the breaking of the umbilical cord with the children or simply a move to a new home or job provides the space to see life with each other from a new perspective. Often, their objective is to discover what they can do better to create a relationship that is more relaxed and lively.

for parents

... who realize that, for their children's sake, they want a better quality relationship within the family.  
... who decide to work on their partnership, when they realize that their relationship has a direct impact on the ability of their children to form relationships. They are willing to make some effort to be better role models.These parents are on their way to being happier.

for grandparents

... who want to help when their children or grandchildren go to them for advice.  
... who look forward to being able to give specific and substantiated information and advice on how to have a happy and fulfilling relationship to the people who are close to them