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Liebe praktisch umsetzen - die 14 Grundformen der Liebe:

Some readers judge our tutorials

Concerning Tutorial 4:

...I'm sooo happy to obtain tutorial 4 concerning sexuality. Why I wanted to have this letter at all, it was your comment .... "the other suffers also in this case…."
C. and I have sat on the weekend about your deliberations, it was a very open, liberating, emotional and honest conversation, which has done us really well and we were not only in terms of sexuality at all but brought very close. Particularly I was impressed by the statement, how would like a response or action be from the perspective of a loving relationship that is lived out with a lot of enthusiasm.
Also the way you wrote it is genius. It is really suitable for studying by it self. And the reference to a possible need to deepen it wit an specialist was also very good. Extremely helpful are the life examples and the mentioned "solution examples" that give the applicant an idea of how - even in muddled situations - a solution can be addressed.

Thanks you so and a big compliment to this document!!

Love G.


Generally to the tutorials:
...First of all, I find the text very great, both from the drafting point and content. I'm really serious, I even work very hard to obtain good formulations, though I know that many people will read what I write, I really do not know when I read the last time such a perfect formulated text. Great!