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Tutorial 2: Dealing lovingly with an illnes that affects the relationship

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Excerpts of the Content:

1 Why a tutorial?

An insight we might admit to from our personal as well as our professional world might be that:

Partnerships do not collapse because of a lack of love
but rather from a lack of knowledge.
If we knew more we would make them work better.

Does that seem too easy? Perhaps, but it is easy to agree that we all want the same things, i.e. happiness and contentment - especially in a partnership. But how can we achieve them?  ... more

2 Everyday challenges

Example 1:
Lars is a good engineer. Unfortunately, his increasing consumption of alcohol has been depriving him of his ability to work regularly. He hasn't had a job for quite a while. He has been married to his wife Sabrina, a respected nurse, for five years.
When they met, Lars was the gregarious type who only drank too much at the occasional party. However, pressure had built up when his company had begun to lay off people. As old friends disappeared, those remaining spent more time in the pub wondering where the axe would fall next. Lars did not share his worries with Sabrina but of course she knew what was going on in his head. She understood and tolerated his in-creasing need for a last stiff drink before going to bed.
Months had passed and Lars had begun to miss days at work. .... more

Example 2:
Elke and Julian have had two happy years together. Unfortunately, Elke has recently been suffering from abdominal pain, which has been making it difficult to be intimate with Julian. She is reluctant to tell Julian who will only worry unnecessarily. Deciding to keep things to herself, Elke is sure the pain will go away of its own accord. When it does not, she tries some natural remedies. She doesn't think much of doctors.  ... more

3 Some basic thoughts

Love and relationship – what does it mean?

  • Are you familiar with these or similar scenes?
  • May I express my requests when my partner is ill or dealing with some traumatic problem?
  • Does my partner have the sole right to decide on what happens to his or her body?
  • Is it OK to hide a problem in order prevent unnecessary worry (Elke)?
  • Do I have a duty to consult a doctor if I am ill. Is it an issue for the relationship?

and more ....