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15:30 – 17:00

Liebe praktisch umsetzen - die 14 Grundformen der Liebe:

Where does our knowledge comes from?

Different sources have influenced the way we work today:

In addition to our own personal biographies and the learning processes we go through every day as a couple and as parents, two main sources have been essential for the development of the Tutorials:  

Firstly, the work by Annegret Hallanzy, founder of Transparenten Psychologie“ and Walter's teaching therapist is worth mentioning.  Amongst other things, she discovered and explored the 14 basic rules.

The Tutorial on Communications (15-18) are based on my training as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master " with my NLP trainer Annegret Hallanzy (1995-1997), and thus on research from the field of NLP (Neuro -Linguistic Programming). The aim of this research had been to find out what exactly makes a successful therapists successful. To this end, a variety of of interview protocols was analysed, and on this basis, a set of communication rules was put together. In the opinion of researchers, these rules help convey a positive attitude, impartiality, and appreciation of the interlocutor, which creates the framework for a trusting and developmental exchange. In the wake of this research various extensions developed over the years, which are rightly being criticized today. Chalked up, is that the research findings were misinterpreted as a "tool kit" for every interview situation - be it in human resources management, or private consulting. Apparently the conversation, with its assumed feeling, made it easy to lead the interlocutor in the desired direction.This is just not the way we do things. We provide the pertinent part of the knowledge gained in this area with the intention of offering a model of how language - our path to how we relate to each other - can be constructively used. If the way we speak supports an appreciative attitude towards our partner, we believe it bears fundamentally on the development in a happy relationship.

It is our job to describe this knowledge in a lively way and to support it with examples that it can be understood and acted upon.

Overview of books by Frau Annegret Hallanzy:

(Happy together) Miteinander Glücklich - VoVa Verlag 2000 ISBN 3-89811-374-4
(Vision oriented modification work) Visionsorientierte Veränderungsarbeit Band I - Junfermann - 1996 ISBN 3-87387-312-5

(this book contains a very critical view of NLP).
(Vision oriented modification work) Visionsorientierte Veränderungsarbeit Band II - Junfermann - 1996 ISBN 3-87387-361-3

Further 3 Books about „Transparent Therapy“ in preparation.