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The consequences of separation

Each separation is the end point of a venture that had been started with hope and confidence. Even, in the best case, if a couple parts peacefully, the effect that the reaching of this end point has at the level of feelings will be sorrow, disappointment and unhappiness about the fact that we have lost our love. Often, we take failure and injury into a future partnership, along with our unresolved conflict issues and the pain of the loss of a relationship that we once viewed as a safe harbor. Children suffer greatly from a separation. They experience the real loss of a caregiver in their everyday lives and they experience a profound and influential uncertainty: "If my parents, who have so far led the way, have failed  their despite knowledge and efforts, what does that tell me about myself and my possibilities?
On another level, namely the level of financial resources of a couple or a family, the loss is also clear. Separation and divorce drastically weakens the financial ability of each member of a family system.
Our advice: use every possibility to maintain or restore the unity and health of the whole family so that happiness and satisfaction are found again.