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Liebe praktisch umsetzen - die 14 Grundformen der Liebe:

Walter FritzscheWalter Fritzsche

My main motivation:
The longing for a society where separation / divorce is the exception not the rule. Having over the years gained a lot of experience and knowledge, I now know what we can do better in a relationship. I would like to make this knowledge available to those people who desire to live with their partner in happiness and harmony and are prepared to make an effort to do so.
Another motivation for my work is knowing what a painful experience separation is, especially for the affected children. In order to save children from this experience, which may be harmful to their future relationship, or at least to substantially mitigate the consequences, I would like to make this knowledge available.
What has influenced me:
Growing up in a relationship affirming family  
A 20-year marriage that fell apart.
The intensive study of the reasons for this failure
The experience of how to do it better

My recent findings:

  • Partnerships fail due to lack of knowledge - not for lack of love. if we knew better, we would do better.
  • The consequence for me is to make this specific knowledge available!
  • It is setting healthy boundaries - because everything has its limits.
  • We must learn to recognize our limits, to name them - and to respect the boundaries of the partner.